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Keke They are the cutest couple ever! They really respect each other as well as we respect them as idols and even though they did not end with a happy ending they became so close friends but not couple. One said that it was a misunderstanding, and the other said that they are just a close colleage.

DESCRIPTION: Newly couples do have a certain 'awkwardness' moment. No matter what happens I vote teukso couple.. The bond that grew with time as they got closer was amazing, and the parting was very devastating.

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Not only do they look like they have real feelings for each other, they also share a true bond of friendship. Not exactly the best situation for developing real attachments. She was a bit of a tomboy and they built models together.

  • Hoping to hear some good news soon! Hope they still keep in touch each other.
  • As in, they were already a couple when they were invited to do the show. No idea what his list is, just picked a random one lol V 23 Comments.
  • She is innocent like an angel who needs his protection. If you're looking for instantaneous chemistry and skinship, YongSeo is not the couple for you.
  • Subs most Korean variety very quickly.

I watched this bec of yonghwa. This pairing is definitely one that leaves you wanting more and more. As you watch their entire journey, you'll feel empathy along their side, I won't spoil the ending for those who have watched it but it nearly made me cry, and you'll feel their feelings as we'll I just love how they started off as engaged couple. It feels like they've shown their real personalities and I was very happy that they've become close and seohyun opened up for the first time to a guy.. The journalists already started busying them selves with their laptops and cameras. They're at the age where they should be looking to get married and Jin Young straight up said she would try to get married through the show.

YongSeo, The Goguma Couple (Yonghwa & Seohyun)

Have a fun ride and enjoy it but be ready for the bitter side to come at the end. There was a question and I answered it. Give it an Upvote! I a story about first love; what can be better than that? Now, not only the gasping sound, but also some shrieks could be heard clearly.

So no, it's not the opposite. This couple showed as the real version of some couples in real life. Kwak Si Yang really work hard and give her huge event. And Whenever I watch Coupe my memory and feeling call back to the past when I was fall in love.

Seo In Young and Crown J, the Ant Couple, acted as if they were real lovers to film We Got Married. “We thought we shouldn’t be seeing others. We acted as if we were married for real,” she explains. We Got Married - Successful Couples? you can't beat the Yongseo couple. permalink; the Gundam Couple is the only couple that dated in real life after the show. Hwang Jung Eum and Kim Yong Jun appeared on season 2, and they were the very first real couple that the show had on. As in, they were already a couple when they were invited to do the show. They dated for almost 10 years, but ended up breaking up.

I got no words. This couple made me watch the show and I finished all of their episodes.

  • 13 pairs of actors who became real-life couples after starring together
  • Go through the happiness and hardship together, support each other.
  • The only couple that went on to date for real was Jun Jin and Si Young, which is pretty ironic really since they seemed to kind of get on each other's nerves.

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This is the only couple on WGM that I want to stay together even after the show. These two need to get married in real life. When Vic's left side of her shirt loosen, he put it up and fixed her clothes not only her clothes but her bangs too 3. They had such great chemistry This is the cutest couple I've seen that actually treats each other like siblings and they really have good communication I loved seeing these too they had a very Good Chemistry and I really enjoyed watching them go from awkward to normal V 11 Comments. It must be glorious if they really get together. The Genius, Crime Scene. Please search the subreddit and Google before posting here. Unlike some other couples who just progress into a stage out of sudden that seems like they are doing things and faking a front for the show.


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